What is Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS?

The Quality Rating and Improvement System or QRIS is a national approach to creating a culture of continous quality improvment in early childhood settings across the country. The Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS is Nevada's approach to quality improvement. The Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS is a 5-star system open to center based childcare, school based (or local education agency) pre K programs and family childcare programs.

What defines a high quality early childhood program?

A high quality early childhood program is an inclusive environment that offers services at the highest possible levels for all children and families. These programs provide a safe environment, while promoting the physical, social emotional and cognitive development of all children. High quality environments celebrate and explore the culture, backgrounds and individuality of their children and families. The indicators of quality include, but are not limited to: policies, procedures and administrative practices that are best practices for the workforce, families and children. This would include ample age-appropriate materials; appropriate group size and ratios for each classroom and use of appropriate assessments to assess children’s learning and development. Teaching approaches are individualized for each child and are active, stimulating and engaging. Thoughtful standards about health and safety are considered at the licensing level and beyond. Families and community partners are included as valued partners and are invited into all aspects of care and education.  All of the indicators of quality combine together to create an environment that leads to the highest outcomes and lifelong success for the youngest learners in our state.

Are all childcare and Pre K programs required to participate in the QRIS? 

Childcare centers that provide services to families paricipating in the childcare subsidy program are required to pariciptate in QRIS as of October 2016. 

Star Level Definitions

  HIGHEST QUALITY (Far exceeds high quality)

  QUALITY PLUS (Exceeds high quality standards)

  QUALITY (Meets high quality standards)

  PROGRESSING STAR (Approaching high quality standards)

  RISING STAR (Committed to quality improvement)

NO RATING (Program is not yet participating in the QRIS or is currently on the waitlist)


Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS is a 5-star system open to center based childcare, school based or local education agency pre k programs and family childcare programs.

Advancing from one star level to the next is an accomplishment that takes a significant amount of time and effort. With this in mind, each star rating is valid for two years.

Programs rated one star are Rising Star sites. These programs have signed up for the QRIS coaching program and are working on making center-wide improvements to their policies, procedures, classroom environments, and staff professional development. By participating, programs are demonstrating a commitment to improving quality beyond the required licensing qualifications.

Progressing Star programs are rated two stars. These programs have successfully gone above and beyond the state licensing and health standards and are well on their way to creating a high-quality learning environment for children. Often these sites are working toward refining their program’s policies, acquiring higher levels of education and training for their staff, administration or owners and incorporating best practices into their daily activities.

Programs rated three stars are providing quality care for the children and families they serve. This rating is based on a combination of criteria including the program’s policies, ratio of children to teachers and observational assessment scores to name a few. At this level, a program works with their coach to identify and improve areas they feel are most important to their philosophy or would elevate the learning experience for the children in their care.

Quality Plus, or four star programs, have exceeded the standards outlined for quality care. Sites at this level have worked hard to create and maintain high quality in their day to day operations. Four star sites continue to work toward perfecting their practice.

Nevada Silver State Star QRIS’ highest quality rating is 5 stars. In addition to scoring very well on observational assessments and providing sound program structure, these programs are also accredited by a nationally recognized early childhood accrediting body, Head Start program or Local Education Agency taking their journey to quality to an even higher level.