Child Health & Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Supplemental Guidelines for Child Care during COVID 19 Pandemic 

QRIS Virtual Call "Quality Adjustments to Early Learning Environments during COVID 19"

Nevada 211

Nevada Check Up

NV Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan

Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS)

Washoe County Community and Clinical Health Services

Healthy Kids Resource Center

Zero to Three

Consumer Product Safety Commission "KIDD Safety" website especially for kids

KidsHealth: Practical information and ideas for kids, teens, and adults

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

Red Cross

American Academy of Pediatrics

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthy Sleep for New and Expecting Parents

Children’s Sleep Guide


Mental health care for families with young children

Helping Children Cope with Crisis and Disaster Resources for providers and parents

Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safety Information

All product safety reports filed including toy recalls

Help quitting smoking

Help quitting smoking – Community

Alert ID

Child Protective Services

Social Services

The Nevada State Health Division

Addiction Resources

American Society of Addiction Medicine


Nevada Suspension and Explusion Documents

Suspension and Expulsion PowerPoint Presentation 2019

Suspension & Expulsion Public Forum Agenda & Notes March 2019

Suspension & Expulsion Public Meetings Q & A 2019


License Exempt (FFN) Monitoring Reports 

UL0000024583 07-02-2019

UL0000009404 07-05-2019

UL0000010703 07-03-2019

UL0000025258 07-10-2019

UL0000025573 07-03-2019

UL0000025620 07-11-2019

UL0000025679 07-03-2019

UL0000025734 07-10-2019

UL00000005668 07-12-2019

UL0000024708 07-18-2019

UL0000025487 07-18-2019

UL0000023130 07-12-2019

UL0000025686 07-12-2019

UL0000010244 07-16-2019

UL0000025684 07-16-2019

UL0000025258 07-19-2019

UL0000005342 07-16-2019

UL0000024813 07-19-2019

UL0000024821 07-19-2019

UL0000024933 07-26-2019

UL0000025136 07-19-2019

UL0000025662 07-19-2019

UL0000025688 07-19-2019

UL00000251600 07-26-2019